Best Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location


Today, there are several legitimate reasons why someone would want to locate a cell phone and track a cell phone location for free. Let’s say your phone has just been stolen, you can turn to a cell phone tracker.

Also, you may want to use the best app to keep track of one of your children and want to make sure that he is well and is in the expected place.

All of these and more are valid reasons for wanting to geolocate a cell phone. And that is why in this article, we are going to give you a hand and introduce you to the top 15 apps to track a cell phone.

15 Best Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free


  1. Find My Kids Location Tracker                        

findmykids app

Source: Find My Kids

With Find My Kids, parents will be able to monitor their children all day, 24/7. To let you know where your child is, the app can automatically send you alerts when your child comes home or gets to school.

Find My Kids is equipped with an unparalleled cellphone tracking tool that lets you track a cell phone location for free as it uses state-of-the-art GPS navigation technology.

The app helps you see the location history of your child and listen to what is happening around them. You can also see their mobile app usage statistics. Likewise, you can receive an SOS signal from your child if he or she is in danger and cannot call you.

Availability: on Android and iOS            


  •       You can get the location history of your child
  •       When in danger, the child can send an SOS message
  •       You can listen to what’s happening around the child


  •       It’s free for a limited time 
  1. Family Locator

family locator app

Source: Family Locator

The Family Locator app is a monitoring and geolocation application that lets you track a cell phone GPS location for free. Thanks to this small software that you could easily install on your mobile phone, in a few seconds you can locate a child in an unsafe zone which you would have predefined.

You will receive notifications when the kids reach their destination and you can also view location history and other statistics recorded by the app.

Moreso, you can use it to track your phone if it gets lost. With the app, you can define areas of interest in your maps and receive notifications associated with them.

Availability: on Android and iOS                                     


  • Can be used to track a phone if it gets lost
  • You’ll receive notifications when your child reaches their destination
  •  You can view location history


  •  There’s no in-app alarm
  1. Google Maps

Did that surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t. The Google Maps app has an excellent location sharing feature. The feature is available on all platforms and even on the web version.

google maps

Source: Google Maps

On the Google Maps home screen, just click the menu button (three horizontal bars) or click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. Click on the Location Sharing tab and you will see a pop-up window.

Click the “Start” pop-up window to select the contact you want to add to your list. The contacts you specify will start receiving your site immediately. To see the location of any contact, you must request access. Contacts will then approve your request.

Availability: on Android and iOS                                          


  • Can be used to track multiple friends
  • Easy to use
  • Available completely for free with no trial period


  • Cannot track the phone when Location is off                                         
  1. Device Tracker Plus                                            

device tracker plus

Source: Find My Kids

If you’re not having any luck locating the device by GPS, maybe because the phone’s location has been turned off, here’s the good news with Device Tracker Plus.

Simply provide the phone number of the device you want to locate and you can start tracking its location in real-time from your mobile browser. It has a user-friendly interface and is therefore easy to navigate.

Availability: Android and iOS.  


  •       Ideal for tracking a phone with no data connection or GPS
  •       Available to Android and iOS users
  •       Easy to navigate interface


  •       Cannot track using GPS
  1. FamiSafe

famisafe app

Source: Famisafe/Wondershare


With Famisafe, you have several features such as geo-fencing, smart parental controls, an app blocker, web filtering, GPS tracker tracking, and display time control.

Unlike others that are app-based, the FamiSafe tracker is a web-based monitoring tool. It is however also available on the Android Google Play app store and the iPhone App Store. The service is made for parents as well as employers who need to track their employees and kids. The app is designed for Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.

Availability: on the web, Android, and iOS devices.        


  •  Ideal for a family
  • Available via app and online
  •  Has a lot of features


  • Not permanently for free
  1. Buddy Locator                                                                    

Buddy Locator is a free mobile phone location tracking service. This is a web-based location tracking solution that works a bit differently than the others.

buddy locator app

Source: Buddy Locator

The Buddy Locator places more emphasis on the whereabouts of family members with GSM-enabled devices. To use Buddy Locator, you don’t need to enable GPS signals on any of the devices. The service works based on GSM technology and the principle of triangular repeaters.

However, note that due to its offline nature, the data may not always be accurate. In the UK and other parts of Europe, the result has a 5-mile approximate range of error and 10 miles in the US, Canada, and South America.

Availability: online (web-based). 


  •  Doesn’t require the use of an app
  • No need for GPS or data connection
  • You can track with the number of the cell phones


  • Results not so accurate


  1. Life 360 Family Locator

  life360 family locator app      

Source: Life360

Life360 is a great choice when you want to be aware of the safety of your family members. Available on both platforms, Life360 allows users to log in when connected to the internet.

As with other phone locators, you can automatically receive notifications when someone leaves or arrives at a specific location. This means that you don’t have to constantly watch its real-time location in the app.

However, we found Life360 to be insanely draining on battery life. So, you can set the update frequency to an hourly interval instead of the default setting for 15 minutes.

Availability: on Android and iOS


  • Sends notifications based on device activities
  • You can add all members of the family into the circle
  •  It can mirror device screen to the computer


  • Drain battery a lot
  • Requires sending invitations to tracked devices
  1. GPS Phone Tracker                                                            

gps phone tracker app

Source: App Store/GPS Phone Tracker

Developed by JLC Mobile, the GPS Phone Tracker is one of the best, most reliable and user-friendly GPS tracker apps. This mobile phone application allows you to easily monitor your child’s whereabouts or track your friends’ movements in real time. You can also see where your friends have been in the last 72 hours.

It’s also a software that can be used to track the location of employees during working hours. The software can Geo-locate anyone with an accuracy of 30 feet, using a satellite map or street map.                                         

Availability: on iOS.


  • You can track multiple phones in real time
  • You can see the location history of the last 3 days
  • Good for tracking lost devices


  • Only available for iOS device users
  1. Glympse                                  

glympse app        

Source: Glympse

Number 9 in our list of the best cell phone locator apps is Glympse. This application works on Android and iOS devices. It instantly locates the mobile and allows you to know the history of the locations of the device to be monitored/protected. 

Although many apps provide real-time location sharing, what sets Glympse apart from the rest is that there’s no need to install anything on anyone’s mobile device. All you need is a web browser to access the link you share via text and email.

Availability: on Android and iOS


  •  Works on Android, iOS, and Windows OS
  • No need to install an app
  • You can track device without the user knowing


  •  No remote capabilities
  1. Find My Friends                                  

find my friends app

Source: App Store/Find My Friends

Not to be confused with Find My iPhone, Find My Friends is only available in Apple’s walled garden. So, if your friends and family have an iPhone or iPad, Find My Friends can be one of the best family tracking apps for you.

To get started, simply open the “Find My Friends” app, then click the “Add” button on the top right. Select the contacts you want to share the location with. You can also enter an Apple ID so someone can submit a request.

Availability: on iOS.


  • Alerts parents about movement of child
  • Spouses can chat with each other without calling or texting
  • Can be used to meet friends in a location


  •  Only for iOS devices
  1. Microsoft Track Locator                                                                                        

microsoft track locator app

Source: Track Locator

Track Locator is a program from Omnicom designed for those working in the United Kingdom’s rail industry to determine what their real location is in the email referencing system. It uses the phone location service on Windows and then converts the data into a standard railway reference using the Omnicom GeoModel.

However, note that accurate determination of location will be determined by the phone location services on Windows. To get the app, ensure you remain signed in to your Microsoft account. You can install it on devices with Windows 8 up to Windows 10.

Availability: on Windows 8 Mobile and up


  • Designed by a reputable developer
  • Created for professional use
  •  Ideal for Microsoft and Windows users


  • Not accurate
  •  Only for Windows devices
  1. Mobile Tracker Free

        mobile tracker free app

Source: Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker Free is a smartphone freeware for determining the location of a caller and for tracking the location of a device. It is an application that shows the real-time location of callers when they contact your smartphone, when you call them or when you exchange SMS.

This software package is free to download and use. It can also get location information from photos and videos taken from a device, messages received and sent on social media, and even automatically take a photo or record the sound in a phone’s location.

Availability: on Android.


  •   Shows real-time location of device
  •  Location can be accessed when you contact or the device contacts you
  • Shows battery life and exact address


  • Only available on Android
  1. Find My Phone              

find my lost phone app

Source: Google Play Store/Find My Phone

If you constantly lose your iPhone and wonder “how can I track my phone’s location at all times?” Then this genuine app, made by Apple Inc. is the answer to your question. For Android users, this app is called Find My Android Phone while it’s called Find My iPhone for iOS users. Very easy to use, it sends you the GPS location of your lost (or stolen) device by SMS. 

For location tracking, just enable the “Family Sharing” feature on all iPhones. If someone in your contact list hasn’t enabled location sharing, you can make a sound play on their cell phone.

Availability: on Android and iOS            


  • Ideal for finding lost or stolen phone
  •  Can be used to locate family members
  • Sends GPS location by SMS


  •  Requires Location to be turned on


  1. Verizon Smart Locator                                                            

verizon smart locator

Source: Verizon

The Verizon-based service is a smart locator that can be used for keeping track of what’s important to you. The Verizon Smart Locator is a GPS hardware device. You can simply attach the device to any item you want to track.

You can purchase the Smart Locator device only via the Verizon app, the Verizon store, or an authorized Verizon retailer. After purchase, you only need to fully charge the Smart Locator, turn it on, open the Verizon Hub app on your smartphone, use the app to scan the QR code at the back of the device, or manually enter the IMEI. Then you’ll need to sign in to My Verizon, review the terms and conditions, and if you accept, you’ll need to restart the device.

Availability: hardware that can be purchased online


  •  Ideal for tracking employees during working hours
  •  Can be used to track just anything, discretely or not
  • Data retrieved from device is accurate


  • It’s not free; you have to purchase the device
  1. My Tracks

My Tracks is a free Android app that lets you go record your tracks while on foot, on a bike, or in a car and share the routes with friends. The amazing app is a travel tool that works based on the use of GPS location.

my tracks app

Source: Android Authority

My Tracks for Android allows the user to pause, stop or directly create a new route and new waypoints. You always have an insight into all information such as average speed, distance covered, differences in altitude, maximum speed, or duration of the route.

Availability: on Android.


  •  Ideal for travelers and sportsmen
  • Can be used to show routes to friends
  • You can use it to see travel speed and distance covered                      


  • Not available for all devices                                          


How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone?

You can track the location of a cell phone by using a GPS tracking application or a GSM tracking service. A GPS tracking app like Find My Kids Location Tracker and Family Locator can be used to find the location and activities surrounding a particular device. If the phone data or location is not switched on, then you can use a GSM-based service such as Buddy Locator to find the location of the device based on the GSM’s triangular repeater technology.

Can I track a cell phone location for free without them knowing?

Yes, many apps don’t necessarily have to send invitations, seek the tracked’s consent. Tracking can be done for free, without them knowing, with and without the use of applications. For those who want to know how to track a cell phone location for free without the user knowing, Mobile Tracker Free is ideal for this while mSpy has more functions and better accuracy.


As you can see, there are many legitimate reasons why you may want to track a phone location. It can be for monitoring employees during working hours, for monitoring the kids while there’s no direct adult supervision, and for tracking a lost or stolen phone. And these services can be used for free. We’ve shown you the 15 best services for these purposes and hope you’ve found one you can use. 


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